for attending
My Dad's Bigger Than Your Dad Festival

We want you're attendance of the festival to be as enjoyable and unproblematic as possible, so here is some guidance and information that will hopefully answer any questions you may have leading up to the event.


While the easing of restrictions means that some safety measures will no longer be a legal requirement, we understand that there are still risks, especially to vulnerable people, and this can cause anxiety.  To reduce the risk and anxiety to you and others around you, we are asking everyone working, performing or attending to prove their Covid-19 Status to gain access to the site.  You will need to provide either:

  • Proof of Full Vaccination (receiving your second dose at least 14 days prior to the festival): digitally via the NHS App (not to be confused with the Track & Trace App),  with a paper version that can be requested from the NHS, or your Covid-19 vaccination record card (the blue card given to you when you received your vaccination).

  • Proof of a negative NHS Lateral Flow Test (taken within 48 hours of your arrival at the festival): taken before you arrive at the festival and with the results registered with the NHS (App or website).  We are not testing at the gates.

  • Proof of natural immunity (based upon a positive PCR test within 180 days of the festival, inc. 10 days self-isolation following the result).

Children under 11 years old do not need to prove their Covid-19 status and 11 to 15 year olds will need to take an NHS Lateral Flow Test, following the steps to register the result at and showing your child’s text or email confirmation with the negative result.

Please note if you get a positive Lateral Flow Test result you will not be able to enter and you will need to follow NHS advice including self-isolation.  From 16 August 2021, fully vaccinated individuals and under 16s will no longer need to self-isolate if they are identified as a close contact of someone with Covid-19.

NHS Track & Trace check in will be available on arrival.

Hand sanitiser stations will be provided at all key areas of the festival and we encourage you to use these regularly.

We also encourage you to use contactless payment at the onsite bar, food stands and marketplace stalls (where possible).

And although the legal requirement to wear a face covering in England ended on 19 July 2021, the government expects and recommends that people continue to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces.

Entering The Festival

Upon arrival at the turnstiles to the Bowl, you will need to present a valid ticket, proof of your Covid-19 Status, and for adult ticket holders who appear under 25 years old legal proof of your age (eg: passport or driving license).  If these are all in order then you will be given a wristband and granted entry to the festival.

As per standard UK licensing laws, festival staff / security reserve the right to refuse you entry and / or eject you from the festival, including for any of the following reasons:

 - if in the festival staff’s opinion you are acting under the influence of drugs or the excessive influence of alcohol;

 - if you use abusive, threatening or insulting words or actions, or if you behave in a manner that could affect the enjoyment of other attendees (ie: basically don’t be a dick);

 - if you refuse to comply with any festival staff’s security searches or any other reasonable requests.

SIA badged security will be present with police in attendance.

Accessibility To The Bowl

The park and Bowl is fully accessible with ramping to all areas, although please be aware that some areas can be uneven and due caution should be used when navigating the park and Bowl.

Accessible portable toilets will be provided throughout the festival, along with the standard and disabled access toilets provided in the park by South Swindon Parish Council.

If you have a registered carer then they will be eligible to a Concession ticket to attend the festival with you.  Please ask them to also present one following when exchanging their ticket for a wristband:

  • PIP (personal independence payment)

  • DLA, care and / or mobility

  • Letter from a medical professional

  • D/deaf or blind registration

  • The Access Card or equivalent with a +1 icon for PA tickets

No dogs are allowed into the Bowl at any time during the festival, with the exception of Assistance dogs which must be clearly identified as working (including guide dogs, emotional support dogs, hearing dogs, dogs’ for the Disabled and dogs for teaching purposes by the Animal Welfare and Veterinary Nursing Team).

Alcohol & Drugs

With this being an all day event, running for 10 hours, if you are drinking alcohol then please do so responsibly, knowing your limits, and those of your friends, as drunk people can ruin everyone else’s fun.  Pace yourself, drinking plenty of water and soft drinks in between alcoholic drinks - especially if it is a hot day - and make sure you eat throughout the day as drinking on an empty stomach can have disastrous consequences.

If you are concerned that someone requires assistance due to excessive drinking please speak to a member of the festival or bar staff who can assist.

No alcohol is to be brought into the Bowl (searches will take place on entry / re-entry to the Bowl), however a bar is being provided onsite by The Tuppenny with all profits graciously donated to operational costs / fundraising for Swindon’s Prospect Hospice.

As per standard UK licensing laws you need to be 18+ to purchase and / or consume alcohol at the festival and bar staff reserve the right to refuse to serve alcohol to anyone appearing to have consumed excessive amounts of alcohol or anyone unable to provide proof of identification and age when requested (acceptable proof of identification is a current passport or a current drivers license, including provisional licenses).

Drugs are no less illegal at My Dad’s Bigger Than Your Dad Festival than anywhere else in society and dealing in or use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated at the festival.  Anyone found to be using or selling illegal drugs in the park will be evicted and may even be treated to a free ride in a police car.

Food & Non-Alcoholic Drinks

We will have food stalls selling food produced by local food establishments and providers inside the Bowl, plus the Town Gardens Cafe near the bandstand will be open offering food and beverages, however you are welcome to bring your picnic into the Bowl then please do.

To help keep the event clean, tidy and enjoyable for everyone please use the general waste and recycling bin provided onsite and in the Bowl.

Please do not bring any glass bottles or containers onsite as they can cause harm if they smash.  Any found during entry searches will be confiscated.

Water will also be available free to any wristbanded attendees as it is important to stay hydrated throughout the festival, especially if we have hot weather on the day.

Artist Line Up

As per any festival the line up is liable to change, and while intended start times are published for all acts playing please be aware that at events as complex as this there can be unforeseen delays, therefore the organisers and festival staff / volunteers cannot be held responsible for any changes to acts playing and / or start times that result in you missing a performance.

For the latest information on line ups and timings before and throughout the festival please make sure you check or are subscribed to any of the My Dad’s Bigger Than Your Dad Festival social media channels, and if there are any changes on the day these will be announced at regular intervals.

Image Rights Waiver

By attending the festival you give your express consent for you / your likeness to be included in any film / video, photography and / or audio recording that can be used by My Dad’s Bigger Than Your Dad Festival organisers in any and all media for any purpose at any time throughout the world, and the copyright of which is owned by My Dad’s Bigger Than Your Dad Festival without payment or compensation.

Apologies if this may sound heavy handed, but is primarily just to cover that social media sites can be accessed internationally.

Noise & Lighting

Prolonged or excessive exposure to loud music can cause damage to your hearing, so please remember to give your ears a break when watching live music and / or wear suitable earplugs.

Bright, flashing and / or strobing lights may be used during performances on the main stage.

Personal Safety & Crime

While all expected and reasonable efforts have been made to maximise safety for festival attendees, performers and staff, My Dad’s Bigger Than Your Dad Festival cannot make it absolutely 100% safe (much in the same way that the Town Gardens are not 100% safe at any other time of the year), so please take care when attending, both of yourselves and others around you.

Please report any unsociable or criminal behaviour you observe to festival staff / volunteers / security who will deal with it, as we do not want an inconsiderate minority ruining the festival experience for the majority.

Also make sure you keep track of your personal possessions while attending the festival, however if you do lose anything then check with festival staff as it may have been handed into organisers.